Tuesday, August 24, 2010

_The Chess Players_, movie by Satyajit Ray

I watched this movie last week. It gave an interesting view of colonial Indian conflicts with a foreground plot of two rather silly chess-obsessed noblemen. It was fun and interesting but lagged in parts, which I mostly attribute to not being used to Indian movies and then encountering it in subtitled form. There are a lot of funny moments in this film, and my ten-year-old was able to appreciate it too. There were tragedies as well, and I think the impact of those was lessened by the cultural distance. I think I'll see more Indian movies, I think they'll grow on me.

This film was recommended to me by an Indian lady I worked with long-distance. I don't know much about the progress of the British East India Company's takeover of India but I know a little more now, thanks to browsing sparked by this movie. A very interesting subject.

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