Monday, January 19, 2009

With the right equipment, you can set toast on fire

Last week, I went downstairs to start breakfast and heard my 11-year-old son start yelling. He was standing over by the toaster oven. I go over there to see two-inch yellow flames streaming up from a hole in the middle of a piece of toast.

I unplugged the oven, grabbed a glass plate and some tongs, and pulled the toast out, put it in the sink and doused it.

This was a new one. I think it was caused by prebuttering the toast. But we can't stop that, can we? Why even have a toaster oven if you're not going to toast prebuttered bread? But apparently, it's possible to overdo it.


  1. Outside of living in a dorm room, I didn't realize there WAS a reason to own a toaster oven.

    I thought it was for making those french bread cheesy pizzas.

  2. Oh, I was shading the truth here for effect. It's true that today I mostly use the toaster oven to toast prebuttered bread. However, I believe that the canonical use for a toaster oven is to make cheese toast. All other uses must remain secondary. I accept that my current usage is an anomoly.