Monday, January 26, 2009

Gotham Central, Vol 2: Half a Life

Last week I got hold of volume 2 of the comic Gotham Central, which follows regular Gotham City cops trying to solve crimes in the world of Batman. This was an amazing collection; this volume is all about officer Renee Montoya, and it collects a story about her that wasn't actually published in Gotham Central, making a better overall narrative.  The plot concerns Montoya being outed as a lesbian and dealing with that while having to negotiate the maze of Two-Face's emotions as well. It's a great read.


  1. This is an interesting series. It's a quite different take on cops and superheroes/supervillains than Powers is. Manages to be gritty without just diving headfirst into tacky and obscene the way Powers seems to do every couple issues. I really didn't need the monkey sex issue, for example.

  2. You should have signed up for the no-monkey-sex subscription.

    I kinda think Powers has jumped the shark now. And I speak as one who owns every single published trade.

  3. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing about Powers, as someone who checks out the latest trades from the library.