Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fantasy sailing ships miniatures game seen at Dragon's Lair

A few updates 1/30/09.

I got to go to Dragon's Lair this past weekend and  saw a miniatures game I hadn't seen before: it features ship models for a sailing ship wargame with navies for humans, orcs, elves, etc. Each navy's ships are of course designed to be distinctive; one of them had dragon-wing sails, while the orc ships had bulky scale armor. 

It's called "Uncharted Seas"; I found a short review here, and here are some pictures of a dwarf navy.  They went steampunk for the dwarves, and really, can you blame them?

I like how the review I cited lists the $50 asking price for the navy sets as a good price. I mean, it probably IS a good price compared to other things, but I'm reluctant to pay $50 for a small bag of miniatures. Even though I know that this is probably a small run item. 

I have a nasty penchant for seeing stuff like that and going "I could make that." I probably won't ever get around to it, but ships in this scale are quite a bit easier to make than figures in Warhammer scale, for example. Not that I can do that either, yet, but I'm getting there. So yeah, I could make that. And I'd been thinking about modelling a sailing ship...the fantasy subjects are actually easier than any real subject would be. I should hunt up some sailing ship rules, see if there are any I like enough to want to build up some ships. Although the project I'd probably enjoy more would be a larger-scale fantasy sailing ship model. These minis are 
between one and four inches long. 


  1. Yeah, I couldn't see dropping that kind of cash for those minis. I'd rather spend that on a medium-sized Lego set that I could reconfigure several ways.

    You should try a fantasy navy. I'm seeing "submarines" made of cabins attached to huge sea creatures, catapults "launching" living weapons, big balloons attached to ships for observation and aerial assault, aquatic races sapping ship hulls, defensive squid "mines" attached to hulls to protect them, and a lot of Greek Fire.

    Probably none of which were what you had in mind.

  2. That's all good stuff. Hey, squids and creatures are a heck of a lot easier to build than a detailed ship model in this tiny scale.

  3. Ok, I now find it hilarious that I thought $50 was expensive, given that I buy Warhammer stuff: $50 won't buy you anywhere close to enough WH minis to play an army, while the $50 starter set for Uncharted Seas looks like it would be enough for a game.

    Furthermore, I used to always say that Warhammer stuff was too expensive to countenance. It took my brother-in-law and wife buying me a few pieces and just generally falling in love with the Tau models to get me into it.

    However, we should build the navy you describe...which sounds kind of Mievillesque.

    I played the Axis & Allies navy game once. It was a lot of fun. Probably because I won.