Wednesday, January 28, 2009

200 nodrive days in a year is looking tough

I've finally found a challenging bike goal. Today's the 28th and I just hit 17 days for the month. I thought I'd done more days. There are 22 working days in the month, I had vacation two of those days so I get those free, that leaves 20 days. I missed two days earlier in the month, and I'm probably going to drive tomorrow to take Ethan to a dental appointment. That means 18 for the month. I'm doing fine, but I'll have to stay on my toes to stay on track with this goal.

Weather has been cold and drippy. Cold + wet makes it really hard to stay motivated. Luckily it hasn't actually poured down any rain yet. And unlike last year, I got started on biking right away. Last year my first ride was January 17.


  1. February will probably be hardest. That's when it gets cold, icy, windy, etc.

  2. From my frozen-ass vantage point in chilly Idaho, I laugh at the idea of Austin being cold or icy. Windy I concede.

    I went for an hour walk a couple days ago in 20 degree weather with a stiff breeze, late morning.

    On the other hand, it's been nearly eight years and I can't seem to buy into the idea of skiing or snow-shoeing. So I'm hardly a huge fan of the snow, most of which is thankfully on the mountains.

    At least today it was cold and sunny rather than cold and cloudy.