Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cleaning up a drive: SequoiaView

With today's giant hard drives, trying to pare down a full one can be a pain. When your disk is full, you need to fix it fast because your machine doesn't work well until you get some space back. But you could easily spend a lot of time deleting many small files to no big effect.

Here's a tool you can whip out for this problem. Think of it as radar for selective pruning, rather than clearcutting: SequoiaView analyzes a drive and produces a graphical display of the files on it. Each file gets a rectangle whose area is proportioned to the file size. Moreover, each file is contained in a rectangle for its directory. If this description doesn't help, trust me and try it. You can immediately SEE where your big filespace-hogging files are.

According to Wikipedia, there are similar applications for Linux.

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