Saturday, October 02, 2010


What's not to like about dwarves? Especially free dwarves. These came from a stash that my friend Chris decided to get rid of, by donating them to deserving me. This forced me to become deserving, by actually painting some of these miniatures.

UPDATED 10/3/10....

I can't believe how much angst I've built up over my Warhammer army. It's so full of...goals and issues and things I want to fix and am I willing to go play a game with strangers at the hobby shop and get trounced a few hundred times since I'm not actually very good at wargames yet.

There's a suprising amount of bullshit in my head over this stuff. I should focus on how very much I enjoy building and painting the miniatures, and how miniature figures have shown me that there's a whole branch of modeling, distinct from building cars and planes and spaceships, that I love and that I didn't know about until I tried it with the Warhammer models.

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  1. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Dwarves are awesome! Looking good.

    I went through many of the same issues re: Heroclix that you are dealing with in Warhammer. I just loved the little figures, loved having certain characters even if I had the "Rookie" version, loved using them as figs for superhero RPGs, but had little interest in getting trounced at my local hobby shop. And the rules just keep getting more complex over time, so I'm not sure if the kids are interested either.

    But they were fun, Will has possession of my collection now, and I still occasionally buy a bunch of cheap singles when I see them online, just to do silly things like round out my Legion of Superheroes collection or grab a figure that looks particularly cool to me.

    BTW, Anna is very interested in looking at your Warhammer minis should we ever make it to Austin as a family again. She's fascinated by them at the hobby store but a bit put off by the expense and the rather stereotypical collection of excitable, hairy, pale men who are playing with them at the store.