Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Anthology _Machine of Death_ going for Amazon best-seller status -- buy today to help

This is interesting. Machine of Death is a project spearheaded by Ryan North, author of Dinosaur Comics. I remember when this started, as a themed story contest project. The central theme is about a machine that can tell you when you're going to die.

Anyway, they're trying some interesting marketing based on the fact that you don't have to sell so very many copies in a single day to be an Amazon best seller. Check out the details here. I bought a copy; it's less than ten dollars.

Also...note that it took five years to make this book happen. I keep reading stuff like that...that if you're writing a book, you should think in terms of devoting five to eight years of your life to it. I like that kind of perspective and it's interesting to see it validated. I think knowing that kind of thing could be useful along about year 3 when one's motivation starts to flag.

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