Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tia Rosa Megathin Tortilla Chips

I like it when products have a story on the package. I've read the back of our tortilla chips many times. It's a gripping tale:

Finally! Real restaurant style corn tortilla chips!
Lots of chips call themselves "Restaurant Style", 
but taste nothing like the chips at your 
favorite Mexican restaurant. Tia Rosa Megathin 
Tortilla Chips are unique and deliver 
real restaurant flavor!

I have to admire the way the Tia Rosa folks have invented a problem that their product solves. I had no idea there were so many chips out there claiming to be restaurant style chips and falling short. Presumably there are people who buy chips, take them home, eat them, conclude they do not taste like the chips in restaurants, and rue that fact. Rue, rue, rue. I picture their faces turning brown. Like a rue.

Before this, I was unaware of the subclass of chips called "restaurant style." I did extensive research (one google request) and there are at least two other brands out there that call themselves "restaurant style chips". I have no idea what that means.  I love these Megathin chips (not merely super-thin, they're Megathin!), but they don't say restaurant to me. Restaurants vary; there's no there there -- no consistent goal to aim for.

I also like how their story is center justified. Like a poem.

Warmed up or right out of the bag, Tia Rosa Megathin 
Tortilla chips are the restaurant style chip lover's dream come true.

Is that like having the biggest ball of twine in Minnesota? You wanted to have the biggest ball of twine anywhere, but you couldn't compete in the big leagues. But you can darn well be the best in Minnesota.

The bag lists some of the company's other products, including their Megacorn Tortilla Chips. I need to try those. Do they have more corn than other 100% cornmeal chips? Because that would be a feat; I'd pay good money for that.


  1. Okay, I have to admit . . .

    I'm one of the people who cares about this stuff. It took me a few years to find a brand of tortilla chips up here that was thin and crisp instead of thick and mealy like some sort of corn cracker. For example, I hate Tostitos. That's a really lousy chip.

    Now I have two, one made in Northern California that I can sometimes find and another made in Oregon. I've also found a good organic salsa made in Oregon that I like, along with a couple other brands I can get at the Boise Co-Op.

    But if I can't find the right chips, I don't bother buying the salsa.

  2. Ha! And here I thought you'd be worried about what kind of condiment to put on the chips!

    But you don't think 'restaurant style', right? There's restaurant I love in Fort Worth...that makes frito corn chip style chips. Homemade. They're quite odd.