Sunday, October 05, 2008

Poid t-shirt

I have been drawing simple cartoon creatures I call Poids; I made this t-shirt for my daughter, by appliqueing felt pieces to the shirt by hand. I was inspired by the vibrant colors of felt you can get these days; I hadn't looked at felt since I was a kid, but there are some nice print designs available now. I hope to do more with poids, but here's the first craft project where a poid has left paper behind.


  1. Nice! Can you tell us about the natural history of the Poid? Is the image on the t-shirt actual size? Or are they microscopic, or 10 feet tall?

  2. The Poid shirt is cool. Though I think almost all tentacled things are sort of slimy, and making them fuzzy is just clever propaganda on the part of you bug-eyed tentacled monster lovers. (I mean the monsters are bug-eyed, not you, just to be clear.)

  3. I don't know a lot about the mysterious poids yet. But I imagine them living in a watery environment, with bodies the size of basketballs and beachballs (and babies the size of baseballs).