Sunday, March 16, 2008

A week of no television, and hopefully less going forward

If you don't count watching a movie over at a friends house, and I don't, I haven't watched any television this past week. It's easy to do that when the family is away, as they were -- Tanya took the whole circus up to Wisconsin for Spring Break. The thing is, with no one else in the house, I'm not particularly tempted to turn the TV on. When someone else is watching TV, though, I have a real hard time resisting it. And if I'm having any trouble at all writing, well, then it's sheer torture to be trying to write something difficult when I could be watching an episode of Stargate: Atlantis with Tanya.

And to think I spent several years carefully not knowing anything about Stargate: Atlantis. It was one of the few SF shows on TV where I didn't even know the premise. The commercials simply bewildered me, and I felt no temptation to watch it. Tanya started watching it recently, and now I feel like catching up on the whole continuity....whereas before, I felt like it was a second-tier-quality show and I was simply saving myself some life time by not watching it.

We just cancelled our Dish Network subscription, so we're trying out a period of less TV. Should be interesting to see how this goes.

Before the writer's strike, I would often watch a show every weeknight. The strike has helped a bit. Really, I don't have time to watch a show every night AND get a decent writing session done.

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