Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm a whiner, but also a cheerleader

If I wanted, I could make every single entry of this blog a whine about the trials and tribulations of writing. Specifically, at the moment, I'd whine about how goshdarn long it's taking me to finish my current story.

See how I did that?

But whining won't help much. And anyway I no longer feel like whining, because I'm happily screaming throught the downhill part of the emotional roller coaster of a writing session.

I wish you could be here to hear what I sound like when I'm working on a story. It's gotta be pretty comical. I sit down and I'm all cranky and not getting much done. And I keep plugging away at it and then I come up with just ONE GOOD IDEA and I'm completely happy with myself. Right now I'm convinced I'm a genius because I was stuck on something and I just started typing ideas into the this point I'm more or less carrying on a dialogue with myself in the file where I'm writing...and I decide to list 5 ways to solve this little plot point...and the first five suck, they are awful...and I keep going; some of my items aren't really relevant ideas at all; and long about number 10, I have an idea that really works.

I know that's awfully vague. But I'm reluctant to get into the details and it's not germaine anyway. Oh, but the point: the point is that I actually CHEER MYSELF ON, OUT LOUD, while I do this. "Go Aaron, you can do it. You da man!"

Right now there's no one here to hear me, but that's usually NOT the case. :)

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