Sunday, March 30, 2008

How is a garage sale like an enema?

Keep your friends close, and your enemas closer? I dunno, I never had an enema. But I did have a garage sale. A big garage sale. We stopped giving things away to Goodwill some months ago...seems like it's been a year, but that can't be right. We started keeping stuff and planning to have a big garage sale to raise money for a trip to Germany through the school.

Well, we used to donate a good sized box of stuff to Goodwill about once a month. Which only underscores the crazy amounts of useless stuff that we take in every week, but in any case -- that's a bunch of stuff that we were NOT giving away anymore. We were piling it in the garage. And that's just the toys, books, clothes, housewares and such that would fit in boxes. Add to that the several furniture items we decided to sell, and the many many items a friend of ours donated when he moved. He moved last week, and that really was the catalyst to get off our butts and actually have the garage sale, because suddenly our house was stuffed with his leftover stuff and we needed to get rid of it.

Well, it feels great to have the space back, let me tell you. That mountain of junk was blocking my access to my workbench....making me not want to even walk through our garage...and making it harder to walk through our house at all. I feel all clean inside and out now.

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