Monday, January 23, 2006

Like manna, the notes floated down from above

One night back in 2004, we were putting Ethan to bed (he was 7) and he went postal on us and we took away several days worth of Playstation. He was still mad going to sleep, but he was quiet because I'd told him if he said a word he lost another day. Ten minutes later I'm downstairs watching TV and talking, with great animation, to Tanya. Our couch is against the stair wall. I hardly notice that a piece of paper floats down from above and lands on the couch.

It was a note from Ethan -- very well-written, too -- that said something like "Why did you take away my Playstation for doing nothing?"

We're laughing, we punish him for getting out of bed, but we're laughing.

Then Chloe (5) starts doing it, but she's not angry at us. She sends us sweet notes that say things like C h l o e with the C reversed and the e rotated. She sent us two more that we couldn't really read; we could make out letters but they didn't spell anything.

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