Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Inappropriate Pictures at Wal-Mart

So I'm at Wal-Mart with Chloe, 6, following me around in a desultory way. And we go through the men's underwear section. I don't think we've done that before, because like a lot of guys, I don't really believe you ever need to buy new underwear. And Chloe starts yelling:

"That's not what you look like!" (referring to the many pictures of men in underwear, on all the packages.") Granted, I don't look like any of the underwear models, but now's not the time for a discussion of how I didn't fulfill the GQ promise of my youth. I laugh and try to get her to shut up, since I don't want what I look like being broadcast at 400 decibels, and who knows what she might say next. Then:

"Agh, I don't want to look at this! I can't handle it!"

So we leave the aisle, and she says to a passerby: "They've got inappropriate pictures in this store."

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  1. That's really funny, thanks for sharing.

    Its a great example of story thats funnier to read than to hear. :0