Monday, November 29, 2010

No Christmas cards

I gave up the Christmas card slog a few years ago and I've never been happier. Dropping something off my plate is always a good thing, but I don't think anything has cheered me so much since I realized I could quit playing soccer when I was about 12 years old.

I used to really like writing Christmas cards. I enjoyed writing something personal and (presumably) amusing in each one. But as my target list grew to more than a hundred people, it became a crazy chore. And then I found that I wouldn't finish my list. Sometimes my favorite people would never get a card. Then I had Christmas Card Guilt.

I still write cards. I write lots of cards, in fact. I'm a card-writin' kind of guy. And I even hand-make a lot of my cards. But I do them all year long. I don't do a big pile during that Special Stressful Time of Year. I don't make a big list and worry about it.

I'm so much happier.


  1. I appreciate your missives, whenever they come, and whether hand-made or no, and I support your avoidance of the holiday-induced stress of sending out cards.

  2. Anonymous11:01 AM

    You selfish bastard.

    HA! Man, I can barely keep up with birthday cards. As far as Xmas, it's easier just to post some holiday updates on Facebook, and I don't even like FB that much. Doug

  3. In other news, is apparently available.