Monday, November 08, 2010

Key lime pie

If it weren't for the mountain of limes you have to juice to make this, this would be a super easy pie to make. I made one last night and it was delicious.

Here's the page I used for instructions:

According to this page, the pie was originally made without heat: like ceviche, it used the acid of the lime juice to cook the pie (to denature the proteins in the eggs, that is). However, we don't do this anymore because of the need to cook the eggs to kill salmonella germs.

I was short an egg yolk...this recipe called for 4 and I only had 3. I reduced the amount of condensed milk that I used, too, but I eyeballed that, so I don't think I can easily reproduce the exact proportions.

This was easy to make and turned out great.

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