Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'd like to tell my 4-year-old not to watch Barbie animated movies...

...but I just glanced over and Barbie is flying away from her enemy on a pink pegasus, and she's carrying a baby polar bear. (Huh, if she took her top off it would make a pretty good Frank Frazetta painting.)

I'd sit down and watch it with her, but I'm pretty sure the actual story could only disappoint. Oh, and the bad guy rides a gryphon, which reminds me of Dark Lord of Derkholm, where the protagonist has magically-engineered gryphons whom he adopts as kids. Alongside his regular kids. Making magical creatures like gryphons is a pretty standard Dark Lord trick, but I love how the guy in that book raises them as beloved adopted kids who pal around with his normal human kids; it's delightful.I think my mom would like it.

Huh, I thought I'd already posted about Diana Wynne Jones' book. It's a tense and funny fantasy in which the main character is forced to play the role of Dark Lord for a set of otherworldly tourists who come from our Earth. Jones is the author of the book Howl's Moving Castle that was made into such a fine movie.

UPDATE 5/11/10....I don't think my Mom has seen any of these Miyazaki movies, but she's not opposed to a good kids' movie by any means. I should probably sit her down to watch Kiki's Delivery Service, I think she'd like it.

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