Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dominion Card Picker

This one is a tip from pal Mikael, who I'm proud to have introduced to the wonders of Dominion: a web tool for randomly picking a set of cards for a Dominion game. It's notable for allowing you some parameters, like requiring that the set contain certain specific kinds of cards. Also, it lets you tell it which Dominion sets you own, including some promo cards I didn't even know about. It represents the best thing about the web: letting everyone share the fruits of someone else's obsession.

For example, if my Mom were willing to use the web, we could benefit from the recipes she comes up with. She told me about a casserole she made involving tortilla chips and beans and enchilada sauce. She often comes up with quick and easy recipes like these. She even thought about submitting this one to a newspaper's comfort food contest...but it would have required her to type it up, and figure out how to enter the contest online, which would have required help from she dropped the whole thing. So I guess this isn't an example of that sharing.

UPDATE: Mikael pointed out I left out the link to the Dominion card picker tool.

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