Saturday, April 03, 2010

Holds reduced to 5 at our libraries in Austin

Wow, I almost wish I hadn't blogged excitedly about how much I love the library's system of letting you put books on hold via the net. You could put 10 books on hold before, now they've reduced it to five.

I almost wish that. But I've found that the system leads me to check out books I don't really want to read, and to check out too many books at once. I still love it, but I've had to restrain myself. I don't think the 5-limit is going to be a real problem.


  1. We have the same limitation in our library system, and it is about all that keeps me from routinely overloading myself when I get a sudden urge to explore a particular topic. I just put three books on MesoAmerica on hold, for example. Works well for nonfiction titles or things that I intend to skim for anecdotes or particular topics. Not so well when I collect novels and don't finish them in time.

  2. I was talking to someone that works at the library the other day about the hold limit change. They mentioned that it's changed often throughout APL's history and seems to be based on demand as well as economic conditions. Maybe it will be back to 10 in the future.