Thursday, November 12, 2009

_Thor: Vikings_ by Garth Ennis

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A Thor comic by Garth Ennis? I had to have a look. Oooh, and it was under the MAX comics 'explicit content' label, too.

Well, it lived up to that name. One of the bloodiest comics I've ever read. You think New York has it bad in the usual comic book disaster? Galactus puts fear in your belly? Galactus might step on you, but he wouldn't decapitate a dozen people in front of you and then use your bones to make a chair.

I suppose I'll get tired of grim, gritty, bloody, foul-mouthed versions of the comic books I enjoyed in my youth, but not soon. Doctor Strange joined Thor in this adventure, and that was fun too.

The plot revolves around Vikings who are cursed to wander the earth in vague Flying Dutchman style, but they have a few interesting twists, and the story is worth a read.

If you can handle the flying heads and limbs.

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  1. Yeah, I just cannot bring myself to read anything by Garth Ennis. Among the current Scottish masters of comic book violence overkill, he takes the grand prize. I just can't take anything he writes seriously because he has no apparent impulse control at all.

    If he wrote a supposedly autobiographical piece about a comic book writer, I'd expect the guy's head to blow up Scanners-style by the end.