Friday, November 13, 2009

_The Merchants' War_ and _The Revolution Business_ by Charles Stross

Um, still really liking this series by Mr. Stross. These are books four and five. They are exciting and he keeps upping the stakes.

One of the back cover quotes mentioned this being an homage to the Zelazny Amber books. I hadn't thought of that at all, though there are many obvious connections. I like that idea, actually, but I don't know that I would ever have made the connection. What is interesting here is that Stross has his world walkers actively think about how to profit from the crossing of worlds. And then he tears into them for the flaws in how they do it.


We start with two worlds...Earth and an alternate-earth. We add a third. Guess what? That's not all. By book five it's clear there may be an infinity of worlds.

Nukes are brought into the picture. Small ones that can be toted across worlds.

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