Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More and more I realize we have a great neighborhood for biking

I biked to pick up my youngest from preschool on Monday, taking her home in a two-wheeled trailer. Then I dropped off a DVD to a Redbox kiosk at the Walgreens. I bike to the Walgreens a lot, it's an easy ride, as is the library. We also have a convenience store and several restaurants within easy ride distance. I've biked to go get a blood test for my physical, because there's a testing center over on Duval by highway 183, probably less than three miles away. And last week I twice dropped off my car at a place across the highway from work, and biked from there to work.

Last month I met some friends for lunch at the Arboretum, maybe 4 miles away...that was the longest mid-workday ride I've attempted, but it meant I could meet folks for lunch and not give up that avenue for socializing for my obsession with biking to work. I'm tempted to bike over to meet my son for lunch one day, but that's a decent slog, with a huge hill as part of it.

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  1. Cool. Our neighborhood is pretty good for walking, at least to places like the library. You can walk along a pretty quiet canal bank. Riding would be a bit tougher, as the canal bank is rough on tires and can be really bumpy, and if you go by road there are a couple hills and some heavy traffic to deal with.

    I'd love to have a grocery store that I liked a bit closer. That was my favorite part about living on Far West Boulevard, having that HEB so close by. If I had a choice of where to live in Austin, I'd probably pick somewhere in that Far West neighborhood just beyond the elementary school. Lisa would probably pick Hyde Park, but that section of Far West is close to a lot of good stuff by highway and was a good place to walk or jog.