Thursday, May 14, 2009

I couldn't tell you what's different

Writing...resolve...faltering! I'm reduced to setting timers for myself in 30 minute increments. I can't tell you what's different about this month over last month, either. Maybe it's because I'm working on fixing a mostly-done story, and editing is less fun? I'm trying to make myself finish this revision of the story before I go on to something else, part of a general discipline thing. But it's taking longer than I'd like. 


  1. Just send me a copy of your latest draft, and I'll read it and tell you how impressed I am that you're getting through the grind of polishing it up and how much the manuscript has improved since the earliest drafts. That might help.

    You're my full-time working dad part-time writer authorial idol, man.

  2. Hah! But that's my project right now, is to finish Dragon Hunter "to the state where I'd not be embarrassed to send it to Doug". No lie. It's already much better, but there are a couple of barn-door plot holes left.