Friday, May 15, 2009

I could develop mental powers, if I could resist daytime TV

I believe that if I could practice ignoring daytime television in a doctor's office just once a day for, say, a year, I would soon develop powers of telekinesis sufficient to turn off any TV with my mind alone. 

This week I was treated to some of Cristina's Court (the case was about some couple whose dream wedding was ruined because their limo lacked air conditioning) and Divorce Court ("I know for a fact she was sleeping with my brother!" "Oh you know it for a fact, do you?"). I'll never get those IQ points back. 

Wikipedia tells me that Cristina Perez is a celebrated hispanic judge and that she made the move from Telemundo to English-language TV. Probably she is a huge milestone in the TV judge world. However, I'm hypnotized by the way the cut scenes show her long, wavy hair....waving. 

But mainly I was bothered by how the announcer was trying to make drama out of a loss of air conditioning. "They got hot and bothered for all the wrong reasons." 

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