Monday, April 20, 2009

When Superman meets Lyle Lovett....

Given his experiences with his high school girlfriend (Lana Lang), his adult flame (Lois Lane) and his arch-enemy (Lex Luthor), Superman must be in a quandary about Lyle Lovett: date him or fight him?


  1. Lyle Lovett might be the only male ever to possess the prehensile hair superpower. He's kind of like that Spiderman villain Hammerhead, except that instead of having a plate of unbendable steel in his head, he's got a coif of unbreakable hair.

  2. If you were a guy and your power was superstrong prehensile hair, like the character Medusa in Marvel comics or one of the Doom Patrol members from a recent incarnation, would you just conceal it out of embarrassment? You couldn't really hide it as another power.

    I guess your nickname would have to be Samson. Or Fabio.

  3. I'd like to point out that I'm only posting selected jokes from my notes here. Imagine the ones I reject.

    You are trying to steal my Mr. Grip character's abilities, aren't you? Remember that a side effect of his power was hair control?