Thursday, April 09, 2009

Doug tells stories

This has got to be my favorite post ever from Doug's One Hand Clapping blog. Doug talks about how we talk about our lives, how we shade the truth:

As I was bagging my groceries, the cashier asked me about how my Mom got started playing the guitar again. I made a spot assessment: age, hairstyle, the part of the country I live in, and a little necklace with what I thought was a cross on it. The obvious answer became: "She plays every now and then with a group at church." Now, while I'm not a churchgoer, my Mom does go sometimes to a very open-minded church, and she's a friendly, warm person, so I could picture her doing this--though if she picked up the guitar again I suspect she'd be more likely to try to play along to Ottmar Liebert.

Heh. This is why the guy can be entertaining for hours. But let's hope we never see him in front of a congressional committee.


  1. Thanks for the reference, my man.

    Me in front of a congressional committee would be a disaster. Chills went up my spine.

  2. That would make a great story, in front of the committee, endlessly changing your story, with confidence and verve

  3. The part that scares me is the part where they would start introducing witnesses from my past.

    I think most of my friends would just shrug and say, "It could have happened that way." But my old enemies ... they would be eagerly fitting me out for a straitjacket.

    It's strange to me to think that I even had enemies. I'm such a nice guy to be around. One advantage of no longer working in an office. Every office I've worked in there have been a few people that disliked me.

    Whereas now, the people I work with just tend to say nice things to me in email or on the phone. If they talk badly about me behind my back, I'm oblivious to it, which is nice.