Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Greebly ship model idea

Here's an idea I haven't gotten round to trying out yet, for simple spaceship models that I think would look good. This idea is based on musing about ways to make a model without too much finicky work.

The model would be anchored by a smooth upper hull, made of sheet plastic or foam. The upper hull will be mostly smooth plastic and should have some curves to it. Options for this include:
  • Make a form and use a vacuformer to shape a curvy top hull.
  • Use an airplane or boat hull as a starting point.
  • Carve polystyrene foam to make the top.
  • Glue sheet plastic to a few curved spine pieces, as if making one surface of a model plane wing.
To this top hull add some material underneath, perhaps a piece of dimensional lumber or some foam.

Cover the lower surface with greeblies: random leftover bits from various models, along with pieces of sprue and junk from your recycling bin.

Prime the whole thing in white, then paint the upper hull in a light color, and use a darker one for the underside.

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