Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Parenthood is changing me

I understand some things now....the protectiveness that parents feel. I remember before we had kids, I wondered whether I would be willing to sacrifice myself for my kid in some way. I can sort of see myself doing it now.

For example, I'm scared of large dogs. But I think I would fight a medium-sized dog with my bare hands to save one of my kids.

But I don't think I'd face a lion for one of them. I mean, I've got other kids.

Maybe I can work my way up to lion-tamer status. Start with wolves, for example. Is there a computer simulation for this kind of thing?

And heights are right out.


  1. I'm impressed that you lump all the kids together in terms of who you would save and when. That kind of even-handed approach is a hallmark of good parenting. A lot of people, like that chick Sophie in Sophie's Choice, like to play favorites in crisis situations.

    On the other hand, isn't this sort of stuff like the air masks that drop down in passenger aircraft in case of cabin depressurization? You're supposed to save yourself first, then save the kids. So maybe that means you should go get some sort of tool or something to fight the dog with first, leaving the kids to fend for themselves until you're properly prepared for the job.

  2. Look, all I know is that it's about time the fathers start doing some of the sacrificing around here. Why did it have to be Sophie's choice?

    But really, big dogs? Get a grip :)