Wednesday, September 03, 2008

100th bike ride

Today I biked to work for the 100th time this year. Yea me! I have to have a new goal now, since it's only September. I'm going to try to hit 150 ride replacements...that number will include any days I work from home.

I'd buy myself a present, but I just bought a copy of the Grant Morrison graphic novel The Invisibles Vol. 1. I've read about half of it, it looks good. Secret groups associated with magic and battling behind the scenes of the workaday world.

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  1. This is a worthy accomplishment. I've walked to the library and back five times so far instead of driving. Of course, they opened a local branch that's much closer to my house--about a 15 minute walk. But since I used to drive to the main downtown branch every week or so and now walk to the local branch after having books dropped off for me there, it's kind of replacing a more significant drive.

    I will say that your achievement is predicated in part on the fact that you live in a warm climate. Biking to work in the winter in Boise can be daunting. However, I should still be able to walk to the library. Kind of a miniature version of your achievement.