Friday, July 25, 2008

My post-it task list

I'm one of those people who carries a big notebook around full of tabs and task lists. I'm a Getting Things Done aficionado. It's a curse, it's a blessing. I'm used to the stares.

But I've been collecting a few more lately. I never really liked the big list part of Getting Things Done. I disliked how messy a list would get after I'd erased or crossed out a few items. And then I started working a daily short list into my system. There's a "pick 5 important things each day" concept that I wanted to try, and so I used a post-it note for that, each day.

And I was always sticking little notes on my list for transient to-do items, so that they wouldn't afflict my main list. ;)

Finally it occurred to me that I could put ALL of my tasks on post-it notes. So I replaced my tattered to-do pages with a two-page spread of card stock, and I've covered that with ... let's see... 13 post-it notes. This lets me do context-categories, too. I like it. It works for me.

But it makes a funny picture, and it gets me some new strange looks.

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