Saturday, February 09, 2008

First really satisfying writing session in weeks

I had my first really satisfying writing session in weeks last night; it really felt good. I've been hammering away at the outline for my story "The Wonder Kid", and finally started working on prose again, which I much prefer.

I also prefer not to get near the end of a story and then decide that the whole thing is wrongheaded and needs to be replanned. I've done plenty of that. So I made myself work on the outline until I was happy with it.

Last month I made a goal to work on TWK daily until I got it done, to curb my habit of switching to other projects when the going gets tough. The only real result from that was that I didn't write every day.

Heh. And I thought I'd be done with the outline by Januray 1 or so, so that I could begin work on the prose, maybe finish it by Jan 31. Instead I'm at that point now, a month's kind of funny how all the writing takes twice as long as I think it will.

But I'm making progress again, and that's what counts. And now the thing might go pretty fast; I have done so darn much work on the characters and the setting that I can churn out prose quickly. Let's hope so.

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