Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Build a game around Carcassone

I've been thinking about ways to use the tiles from the board game Carcassone to make a new game. It seems to me that they're perfect for building a landscape, maybe something for a simple role-playing game. In fact, I'd say this idea is pretty obvious, but it's not going to prevent me from expounding on it for a few paragraphs. :)

Here's what I'm thinking:

- Use the tiles to set up a landscape, in which players play scenes
- Each turn, a player can play one piece, just as normal for Carcassone
- You can place a meeple on your tile, but instead of playing meeples from a set of one color, you choose a meeple of any color, and the color indicates something about the space. Basically, you're salting the space with some particular kind of encounter, and when a player visits that space, the player then gets an encounter of that type.
- Perhaps each player gets a random pile of meeples to play from, in different colors.
- Red might mean monster, green = a patron, black = a dark magic...
- Players use tokens to move about the map, playing out scenes in aid of some goal. Clearly there needs to be some goals added on top of this, but my thinking hasn't gotten that far.
- After you play a scene in a space, you collect the meeple, for points of some kind.

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