Monday, March 04, 2013

Random Tavern Generator

I'm expecting to have some D&D characters hit a city and want to find taverns. Therefore I need some taverns, right? So I turned to the internet, and found a random tavern generator. I just really like it when I think of something I need, and the internet has already provided it, for free.

In this case, I rather liked what the folks who made this decided were the important things to give you about a tavern.... Here's a sample.

from random tavern generator ... 

Tavern Name: Lonesome Bed
Bartender: Female human, 6th-level sorcerer
Interesting Clientele: Cloaked figure in corner, a bard performing for drinks.
Rumors Overheard: An absentminded wizard has let her rod of wonder fall into the wrong hands. A mirror of opposition has created an evil duplicate of a hero.
Accommodations: Good (a small private room with one bed, some amenities and a covered chamber pot) for 5 sp/day
Today's Menu: 
Breakfast: Smoked sausage, Goose eggs, Quail eggs, Stewed prunes, Oatmeal (cost 1gp).
Lunch: Veal sweetbreads, Sharp cheese, Black beans, Peach (cost 8sp).
Supper: Lamb chop, Collard greens, Cabbage, Nut bread, Custard (cost 1gp).
Snack: Deep dwarven blue cheese, Peach, Millet (cost 4sp).

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