Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chairlift by 'the bendiest part of the Rhine'

One of the sites we visited during our Koblenz trip was a scenic overlook,  Vierseenblick, in the town of Boppar. You reach the overlook by chairlift. I thought that I'd have trouble getting Chloe on the chairlift, because she'd offered some complaints about other things...notably elevators. But nope, the chairlift was no trouble for her.

It was trouble for me. Once I got on it I realized that all I wanted to do was cling tight until it was over. In my spare time I contemplated the tenuous grip that our chair's clamp had on the spindly steel cable.

Chloe, however, wanted to talk, wiggle, and twist around to look at things. Lucky for her, I wasn't willing to relax my grip long enough to smack her, or it might be called Chloesplatblick now.

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