Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Visiting Trier, the big Roman town I didn't know about

According to people who lead tours around Trier, Germany, the town is underexposed. Even Wikipedia agrees that it's the oldest city in Germany, and was a residence of the Western Roman emperor.

It was the first sight our Schenkendorf School exchange program hosts took the group to see, on our second day in Germany.

George Brooke in front of the Porta Nigra, the most famous Roman ruin in Trier. The Porta Nigra was a Roman gate that was rebuilt into a Christian church and then re-Romanized later.

I was sufficiently ignorant of German geography that I didn't realize until now, looking at a map, that Trier is really close to Luxembourg. Wikipedia says the closest city to the town is Luxembourg City.

Our tour group

The Porta Nigra

Staircase inside the Porta Nigra

Arcade inside the Porta Nigra

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