Wednesday, June 02, 2010

_American Virgin_ volumes 1 through 3 all winners

I'm a big fan of the graphic novel American Virgin, by Steven T. Seagle. It is distinguished in my collection by being both obviously adult-themed and completely lacking any superpowers, magic, or scifi hijinks.

I just lucked into Vol 3 at Half Price Books. I was lucky to find it there before I bought it new, because this is a series I'm collecting: a comic about a young guy who crusades for abstinence until the girl he thought he'd marry dies.


Volume 3 develops a couple of characters in ways I like...the main character's stepfather starts to grow a pair, the relationship with his mother, who so far has been an unmitigated jerk, is nuanced a little, and we learn more about both sister Cyndi's background and our main characters'. I'm excited about where this comic is going.

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