Friday, October 05, 2007

Writing every day this month

There are a lot of writing goals I can choose from in any given month. I tend to think of my writing goals in month-terms...although I'd hate to trot them out and compare the goals with what I've actually accomplished. I've been working on a project to complete 5 stories for a long long time now....and there's been a lot of NOT-working on it along the way to make it take twice as long.

But an old favorite is to try to go a whole month and write every day. Recently I've been writing more often and enjoying my work on my current story, "The Elf on Cotton Street." So I'm going to try to write every single day this month.

A good friend of mine has recently dedicated himself to working on a novel (go Doug, I can't wait to read it!) and it made me realize that none of my projects are going to get finished unless I make a commitment to them. Of course this realization comes as we are in the middle of remodeling our kitchen. I always seem to think about personal accomplishments when I'm busiest...probably because that's when I feel like I have the least time for them.

Anyway....I just wanted to note this goal somewhere publicly. It's day 5 of October 2007, and I've already written every day so far...and my writing sessions are becoming longer and more fruitful, too.


  1. Do you have a time and place you usually write? Or do you just grab opportunities when and where they appear?

  2. I have no standard time and place. Sometimes I do some writing at lunch. Mostly I do it at the kitchen table right now, an hour or so after the kids go to bed. Since we're remodeling, space is at a premium. We junk up every available surface anyway. For a while I was using a laptop desk, which had the virtue of being dedicated to the purpose yet small enough to shove off in a corner.