Monday, October 08, 2007

Made it through the first weekend, still writing daily

Weekends are the worst for daily writing attempts for me.
  • On Fridays we usually relax with TV after putting the kids to bed, and my will to stick with self-discipline-related goals is at a low ebb.
  • On Saturdays we're often running around town shopping, running errands, or going to kid events/people's houses.
  • Sundays have church obligations and often grocery shopping.
Wow, those all sound like terrible excuses. So why am I so pleased with myself? Well, one way or another, weekends are full of temptations to skip the writing just this once...but I got through this weekend just fine.

Heh. The reason for my success is basically avoiding people. I had the kids all to myself all Saturday until 6pm. I took the kids for a bike ride in the morning, with 2-year-old Lily in a cart behind my bike, and we ended up stopping at a couple of friends' houses. The second friend invited us to go to a Texas maze at Sweet Berry Farm. I didn't want to go, but Ethan and Chloe did...and the family took them, so that I was able to put Lily down for a nap and then had lots of time to write. And I actually used some of it to write! Fate smiles on me.

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