Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wherefore art thou, iPod?

So someone gave me an iPod. I was really not too interested in the MP3 revolution until I tried one out and Saw The Light. It's a fantastic product with a design that rewards fetishism. If an iPod propositioned me, I couldn't reject it out of hand.

But I was busy at the time. Kid and baby stuff and work stuff was too much on my mind, and the iPod was full of someone else's music, and I wanted to offload and preserve that stuff and figure out how to get my own stuff on it. So all that made it a Project, and it was never a high priority one.

Time wore on, I'd dig it out now and then and put it back after playing with it for a while, because of course it was mostly full of rap and country music, and there's only so much of that I want to listen to.

But the baby is sleeping now, and some projects are bubbling up, and now I'm read, nay, eager to work on the iPod. And I can't find it. I remember carefully putting it away somewhere clever before Christmas. But I have no idea where that was.

This always happens when I put something away somewhere clever. I know exactly how I think when this happens. I'll set something in some out-of-the way place, and I'll completely forget about it. Somehow I have to learn to avoid doing that.

But failing that in the iPod's case, I just have to clean the whole house.

UPDATE 2/9/06: Since an English major friend took me to task about "wherefore" actually meaning why, I feel obliged to point out that yes, I know that. And I used it to mean "where" anyway. That's just the kind of devil-may-care, devil-take-the-hindmost, spontaneous sort of person I am.

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