Friday, February 24, 2006

Bounty Hunters' Picnic

Here we see a peaceful picnic on a verdant planet of the Galactic Empire, one far enough off the beaten track to employ bounty hunters. The Rodian bounty hunter Greedo has stopped for a casual meal with his wife, son, and a friend, while a servitor bot waits on them.
This silly little scene was a long time coming. I had the original idea in 2000....back when I was collecting figures much more heavily. I do like the various Star Wars bounty hunters, so I thought it would be fun to make a Father-Son picnic, with son figures for each bounty hunter. But the only one I got around to was a Greedo-son.

He was an easy figure custom to make: I had a Greedo figure variation with a small head, and I did a head swap on that with an Annakin figure, and then painted the hands to match. Not much to it.

When I found in 2005 that I had an extra piece of model railroad scenery, and Chloe gave me a doll blanket for some reason, and I realized I now had three different Rodians to make a husband/wife/child group, it all sort of came together in a minimum-effort kind of way. So there you go: a much simplified version of the project. I do get a kick, though, of having a whole family...most of the Star Wars characters don't have families that we see. Although there are those Sand People mother figures with their infants in papooses....maybe I can do a Mother's Group Meeting next.

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