Friday, December 10, 2010

Saki's Short Stories

I've become interested recently in the short stories of Saki, an Edwardian writer (b. 1870, d 1916) whose works strike me as alternately weird and hilarious. Call it upper-crust drawing-room stuff with a hint of fantasy.

The story Sredni Vashtar (about a boy and the ferret he loves, only not about that at all) is my favorite so far, but there are lots worth reading. A nice archive is here.

The site also serves as an example of an interesting bit of web work: most of the story texts are taken from Project Gutenberg, but the site dresses them up quite a bit. Gutenberg is like a dusty giant tomb of stacks compared to this. So if you've discovered an out-of-copyright author whom you love, there's nothing to stop you from taking texts from Gutenberg and making a nice homage site of your own. Get started, and send me the link. :)

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