Monday, December 21, 2009

Armenian Rhapsody

I was telling my lovely wife, earlier this month, about an article I read, about why Armenians are so good at chess, and she interrupted with this: "Because they divided their country up into 64 squares?"

I've been noticing that the kids are trying really hard to make puns lately. Chloe used to try them and just fail miserably. But she's learning to make them work. I do this rhyming-pun game all the time...taking a word and varying it...and the kids are joining in lately. I don't know what to call this game: the classic example is porcupine. You've got the table variant (forkupine), the silly one (dorkupine), the bulletin board (corkupine), and on and on.


  1. That's hysterical. We do that all the time. Maybe you can call it "Punny Business." :o)

  2. The person addicted to puns: the dork-upine.