Tuesday, April 01, 2008

City box done: "Daddy, you made this for me?"

I've been building a toy box that's designed to look like a row of buildings. I built it while my family was out of town for a week during spring break. When they got back, my youngest daughter, age 2.5, walked right up to the box and said, "Daddy? You made this for ME?" She sounded so excited. That was a lot of fun. Below are some photos of the 'finished' box.

I really meant to paint some black shadows between the buildings, but I haven't gotten around to it, and it's already in use as a highly successful toybox reducing the clutter in our living room, so I don't know whether I'll mess with that delicate situation. I used a piece of poplar 1x2 to make the handle. The rest of it is MDF, except the base, which is 1/2" plywood. Really it's all just scrap that I had lying around.


  1. Neat! The 3rd picture is sort of like a giant Japanese monster movie, if the monsters were giant girly stuffed animals. "Evacuate the city! My Pretty Pony has been sighted and is headed this way!"

  2. This is really cool!