Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween 2007

Lots of fun with costumes this year.

I was Dr. McNinja. (See other Dr. McNinjas in the Flickr Pool.

Lily was a princess, in a borrowed dress. How frugal!

Chloe was a Mutant Hermit Crab (created by Dr. McNinja, she says). Her costume involved the most work. I took some cloth, made a cone, stuffed it, rolled it up, then sewed it to a backback she had. Then I did soft-sculpture stitches to shape it a bit. It looks a bit more like a bread roll than anything else, but we had fun. Then we made sheet-foam claws. She had a pink outfit on at one point, and antenna eyes, but they wouldn't stay on.

Ethan did something neat: he decided to have a different costume as of Halloween afternoon, and made one from cardboard, to become Lincoln Man, who has Penny Powers and shoots pennies at people. This is a character he made up this week.

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  1. Cool! Lincoln Man needs to steal that giant penny from the Bat Cave.